How are you breathing?

Instead of “how are you feeling or doing”, what about asking, “how are you breathing?” It might be an unusual greeting, but if answered sincerely, you would get more information … Continue Reading →


The hands and the feet are our gateway to the world. Our core, from our pelvis to our neck, is the entryway into our inner world. Neither one is more … Continue Reading →


Expecting perfectionism from others Expecting others to have the same standards as you Expecting what you give, you will get Expecting to be disappointed That eventually others will let you … Continue Reading →


Why is it that most, if not all of us, hate being criticised? ‘Constructive’ or not, all criticism feels the same; Icky: condemned to the naughty step, vulnerable, disapproved of, … Continue Reading →


What is flexiblity? How flexible are you? In your Mind? Body? It’s so easy to say ‘I am not flexible” or “My body is stiff” Yet flexibility transcends the physical, … Continue Reading →