Would you like someone to talk to and help? If you answer “yes” to any of these feelings, then I can help you find a resolution and get your life back on track.

Individual Counselling can help. But why choose me as your Counsellor?

With 25 years experience working in the field in the US and UK, Rebecca Jane BPS, LCSW, HPCP  has helped many people overcome many issues and build the rebuild their lives. She provides a unique mind body approach to counselling, building upon her expertise in Mindfulness.  

It is highly personal, open and supportive my specialisation is helping people with:

Depression, Anxiety, Low self-esteem, Problem solving, Stress, Mood instability, Low energy, Live happier lives, Make changes in your life, Improve relationships, Helping you achieve your full potential

Approaches: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic, Solution-focused, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Family Systems. unique mind body approach to counselling, mindfulness specialist

“What I love about therapy is that in the consulting room we are sheltered from the rest of life for an hour, with an opportunity to remember what has been left out, forgotten, or overlooked. We are just human travelers sitting together at the crossroads, relating, reflecting on questions with our intuitive, imaginative, and emotional capacities.

Often we’re dealing with a loss or feeling lonely and confused. But most of all there’s that longing to feel connected to the roots of who we are, to remember that the path leading forward begins behind us, and is already there beneath us if only we can slow down and remember how to recognize it.”

‘Remembering the Miracle of Being Human’ James McEntee

I’ve learned while working with you to improve my anxiety, mood and outlook ..Ryan

With consulting rooms based in Chiswick and Brentford, West London, my individual and couples counselling is priced from £60 per hour.  Contact to discuss

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Or try my Online Mindfulness Video course with exercises and meditations – generous discounts or read my latest book Mindfulness My Way: Toolkit for Change packed with techniques to live a rich mindful life tackling life’s challenges.

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