Corporate Wellbeing


Corporate wellbeing shows great employers care for their employees. Great employers provide for their employee’s wellbeing. The picture shows my latest panel debate at Sky Broadcast in September 2017.

Regular Mindfulness sessions can make a genuine long lasting impact upon employees. Corporate Wellbeing is an important part of a business’ vitality and success. Mindfulness provides a thought provoking, yet relaxing supplement to existing staff support. I can provide a unique blend of group or 1 to 1 sessions building upon my 20 years as a Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Yoga teacher, Mindfulness Practitioner and Author.

How does it work?

I have developed a unique approach to team building, coping with change, stress reduction, improved productivity, enhance creativity, staff retention using mindfulness techniques which can be applied in a variety of business contexts. As a psychotherapist your organisation can benefit from my knowledge of helping people live more satisfying, richer more fulfilling lives, building on a personal and corporate wellbeing.

Mindfulness can fit into any corporate workshop, away-day, team building event, sales team sessions etc. It can enhance any corporate training programme. It works in isolation or better still supplemented by a weekly mindfulness sessions for your employees to create an oasis of quiet thoughtfulness for a few moments in the busy working week. Use mindfulness to help de-stress, reduce anxiety, learn to live a more fulfilled satisfying life and improve the work-life balance: mindfulness is key to happy, satisfied and engaged employees. Mindfulness can tame the frantic monkey mind which dominates our concentration, flitting from a caldron on confused thoughts. Learn how to calm the mind, focus, gain renewed energy, improve relationships and genuinely feel great.

Corporate wellbeing is achieved through mindful employees, it transforms lives. It will transform your business so Invest in Success, invest in Mindfulness.

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What they say:

‘it helps us to relax and forget how busy we are in the middle of a working day, it provides me us with a great sense of wellbeing, not forgetting her great humour and music that injects a sense of fun to the hour’… Beth Hodgkins, Catalyst Housing Group

‘I’d definitely recommend Rebecca Jane if you are looking to organise a corporate seminar or team building event’… Anna Carnegie, Sky

‘A really great addition to our team building day. Fun and thought provoking with some great practical insights for managing stress in the workplace’ … Stephen Roberts, Sky

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